On being yourself



Wedding Photographers.

Always feeling obliged to share their activities across various social media channels, assuming that they’ll become better recognized for what they do. How busy they are, how lovely their couples are, how many weddings they’ve photographed, what meaningless inspiration project they have been part of and what irrelevant inspirational blog promised to publish it. This may have been a beneficial concept long time ago, but not anymore. How do I know?

I did that too.

As someone who has a family and is making a full time living from photography, I know it takes more than that. It takes more than a bot, liking your photos. It takes more than using someone else’s timeless quote, when you have nothing to say yourself. It takes more than the medium, brand or type of camera you hold in your hands.

It takes actual work.

I am not going to post another poor sales pitch or a Christmas discount. I don’t give away free shooting sessions, even if you like and share this post. Or kiss my ass. I don’t need that. My family knows this. My friends know this.

My clients know this.

I am not another fine art wedding photographer. I am in the business of understanding people and their needs. I listen and respond with empathy and this is just the beginning of my journey. Taking photographs is the result but not the end. I don’t sell a fixed amount of pictures, I offer an experience.

Tony Gigov loading Film
Tony Gigov Portrait

A piece of mind.

My name is Tony. I photograph people and their stories. And this is my space – documenting the success and struggle of pursuing my goal to become better and serve my clients in the most effective and empathetic way.

Day after day.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because I am tired of mediocrity.

This Christmas I wish we can speak with our own voices and not with the ones others want to hear. It is easier to fit in. But it takes motivation, courage and patience if you want to stand out.

Barcelona at Sunset

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